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What did slave owners wear? For field slaves, who accounted for a vast majority of Virginia’s enslaved population, a summer allotment of clothing included shirts and trousers for men and gowns for women, all identical and made of osnaburg, linen, or lighter-weight cotton. A winter allotment included a coat, shoes, and, less frequently, a blanket. […]

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Female slaves wore shifts made of osnaburg. Like the men, slave women wore plaid stockings and plain shoes. 7. Because the number of clothes issued to each individual was minimal, it would not have been uncommon for slaves to wear the same clothing day after day.

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Answer: Four actors on stage: master and his slave between two women. The slave is wearing a short tunic, while his master is wrapped in a long tunic worn over a garment with sleeves.

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slave owners often wore black or gray pants, a white or blue shirt with a overcoat matching there pants and some wore top hats and bow ties

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Plantation slave owners did not give slaves mittens or stockings. By the nineteenth century, and the rise of cotton production, materials such as jean cloth became more common and allowed owners to provide slaves clothing that was untailored and ready-made.

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Slaves who hired out as artisans, or who earned some money on the side, may not have received a clothing allowance at all. John Judah, a Virginia slave who escaped in 1855, paid his owner $110 a year out of his earnings, and “as he was fond of nice clothing, he was careful to earn a balance sufficient to gratify this love.

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Slave owners manipulated clothing in a variety of ways to oppress their slaves. Female slaves sometimes expressed resentment about dresses that were plain, coarse, and un-feminine. Evidence suggests that dances, attendance at church, and other social gatherings were events for which slave women often put on their fancier dresses and primped ...

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Brazilian slavemasters compelled slaves who were prone to eat earth or dirt to wear such masks. This illustration does not appear to have been published in Debret's, Voyage Pittoresque et Historique au Bresil (Paris,1834-39), although another slave, wearing such a mask, is illustrated in vol. 2, plate 10, captioned "une visite a la campagne ...

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