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Wrap your hand around the melon after you insert your erection and put your finger over the hole on the outstroke. Remove your finger on the in-stroke, replace it over the hole on the outstroke. Feels like a mouth going down on your cock, then sucking on it as it draws back.

Have you ever tried to masturbate with a melon?

Homemade Sex Toys Let there be no mistake, we are not talking about wax depilation, but about dripping wax off a candle. Such wax can be an interesting and exciting addition to foreplay and the intercourse itself.

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Opinion Owner. +1 y. Well it's a tough one dude. I don't think the watermelon will be any different, it could be but I think it would be like humping a bucket of water. In all honesty heated up chunk of baloney with lots of lube may be closer. Just cut a hole that is slightly smaller than your junk so there is friction.

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To make your watermelon a vagina, you’ll need to use half of the watermelon, slicing a slit in the middle of it and removing some of the meat. You want to make sure that you remove enough meat that it matches the size of your penis. This isn’t the cleanest homemade sex toy, so expect to have a little mess to clean up after.

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Insert your penis into the melon and either thrust your hips back and forth, simulating sex or pump the melon up and down your penis like your getting a blowjob. Try covering the small hole on the opposite side to increase suction when you are pulling your penis out, and uncovering the hole when you push it in.

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#6 Watermelon vagina. Watermelon pulp is soft making it easier to shape. The watery texture eliminates the need for lubricant making it a good candidate for a DIY sex toy. To make your watermelon vagina, you need half a watermelon, carve a slit in the middle and scoop out some flesh as per penis size.

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Make a hole on a watermelon; its diameter should be slightly smaller than the size of your penis. Scoop out some of the melon’s flesh, but not all of it. Heat the melon in a microwave for five seconds, and then pour some lubricant into it. How It Works. Insert your penis into the hole of the watermelon and imagine a vagina’s moisture. 7.

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DIY Female Sex Toys. Female sex toys are all about vibration. And there are more vibrators in your house than you think. Some are meant for external use, but others can go inside, too. 1. Electric Toothbrush. An electric toothbrush has many uses. You can put the handle in a condom, turn it on, and use it for penetration.